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God’s Path for Freedom
Hearing God
Relational Vampires pt 4: Hypocrites
Relational Vampires pt 3: Needy People
Relational Vampires pt 2: Critical People
Relational Vampires pt 1: Controlling People
Making Change pt 4: Tomorrow Matters
Making Change pt. 3: Giving Is Good!

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Life Groups are small groups of people who get together to hang out, go through discussion questions based off the sermon, and to act almost like a mini-church, with the people in the life group look after one another. Each year, there are 3 semesters, each about 8 weeks long.

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Join the pastors in a class that teaches you about Family Life Church's vision, how to grow closer to God at home, and how to be a part of the Family Life Church team!

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Let the world know you have decided to follow Jesus! We believe that baptism is a public declaration of your faith in Jesus Christ and we would love to include you in this ancient tradition!

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